Monday, November 24, 2008

Winner of challenge #14

Once again it was time to pick another winner for the lovely prize sponsored by our very own Jennifer and her company Page At A Time.

I gave you all numbers in the post that Carolyn so kindly does. Wrote the numbers on pieces of paper, put them in a bowl and let my little girl (she's only 2.5 and i think she thought i was going mad as she was laughing at me putting paper in her, she is now pretending to cook with them!!) pick a number.

When she gave me the paper and i said 'the winner is..........................number 8' she cheered for joy bless her.

So from me, my girl and the rest of the HM team congrats to number 8 - Shary.

Please email me your details so i can pass them on to Jennifer.

Thanks. xx


Shary said...

Wooooohoooooo, I won!! Emma thank you little girl won't you?

mueppi said...

Hugs Gisela

Rica said...

Congratulations Shary.
hugs Heather xx

Jennifer Scull said...

let us know what wonderful dish your daughter creates with all those numbers! ;)

Dawn said...

Well done Shary!

Gabigabs said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats Shary!! I'm really glad you won! Yay! :)

"Kirby" (KrB) said...

Congrats, Shary! What fun! :)

Shary said...

Thank you ladies x

Carolyn Bounds said...

Yaaaaay!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, Shary!!!! Enjoy your new toys:o)


Chris said...

Congrats Shary, you're card is beautiful! Chris x