Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dotty Creations

As Els said, "Polka dots here! Polka dots there! Polka dots, polka dots EVERYWHERE!!!" We are loving all these beautiful dotty creations we see:o) You wanna love 'em too? Have a look! These are the kind of dots and spots you want to see!

Heather (DT)
Lisa (DT)
Shary (DT)
Snow (DT)
Lee (DT)
Karen (DT)
Joanne (DT)
Chris (DT)
Gabi (DT)
Kyra (DT)

Aren't these the most beautiful spotty creations you ever saw? We told you so:o)
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Joanne said...

LOL! This is sooo cute! Great job on this fun challenge!

Bonnie said...

This is very cute.

Thank you ladies for letting me join in your challenges. Here is my card.


nessy said...

oh fab cards!!
here is my card
thanks for looking
vanessa xx

sarah said...

o0o0o how very fun! great cards!


Tindaloo said...

Hi :) don't know if it's to late posting this, but here's my dotty card :)